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AM1 Dunkaroos

Chase Shiel x @the.collab.club present the winner of the - YOU Choose the Path Dunkaroos AM1 version.

***Please read before committing to purchase***

Note: the honeycomb bubble colour that's in the pictures will NOT be available. Donor sole colour options will be limited, but where possible, we will order donors with a gum outsole, but for some sizes, it won't be possible, so an alternative will be ordered (See images for examples). If this arises, we will contact you to run through the options. 


  • Canadian Turquoise spread across the upper that will distress beautifully with age.
  • Hand-painted dipped dots through the midsection and toe box.
  • Japanese Pierrot purple suede with sprinkle engraving.
  • White pebble grain leather
  • DUNK AROOS Heel embroidery
  • Kangaroo fur tongues **Fur colour may change between pairs**
  • Biscuit brown swooshes
  • Sydney engraved red lamb insoles
  • 5 sets of laces provided by @lace.space

Ordering Information - 

  • Turn-around time is approximately 12-16 weeks due to the holiday season. (I am going back to my home state for Christmas, so pairs won't be finalised till the end of January at the earliest).
  • You are purchasing a customisation service. Included in this cost is a sourcing fee for the base pair in your ordered size.
  • ALL orders are sent out via express shipping with full tracking provided


Any queries, please use the contact page. All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds are offered, as all pairs are handcrafted and made to order.


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